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Aerospace Weapon Manufacturers

Welcome to the Aerospace Weapon Manufacturers website. For the Western powers the focus in air warfare is on reducing the number of different airframes in service. Due to the need to reduce the cost of military expenditure many western powers are going for hi tech low man power, low number designs like the US F-22 Raptor and the Euro fighter in Europe. The JAST strike aircraft project will replace many types of aircraft in US and British service.

Most modern combat aircraft are moving towards a single pilot with more computer automated systems rather than pilot plus navigator / weapon officer. Fly by light, fibre optic control system also offers increase agility for combat aircraft and tilt rotor aircraft which have long been experimented with since the 1960s are finally seeing a real application with the American Osprey, offering the flexibility of a helicopter with the greater range and speed of  a fixed wing aircraft.

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Western militaries in particular the US and UK are committed in the long term to pilot-less combat aircraft. Drone technology has steadily developed since the 1990s and armed remote drones are now a realistic combat system. Such pilot-less planes are likely to be decades away but are clearly the future of the combat aircraft where the most expensive component is the human pilot. It is also clear that although the fire power and accuracy of air power has increased, it along cannot win wars and this was illustrated by the Gulf War of 1991 where air superiority was quickly achieved but despite a massive bombing offensive ground operations were still required.

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